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Moray - Maras - Salineras -Rancho

Departure from Moray

Price for the hike

Duration for the hike

Level of the hike

Starting time for the hike

Price with mountain bike

Duration with mountain bike

Level with mountain bike

Starting Time with mountain bike


We are currently not offering this ride.



Group size

Minimum 2- Maximum 10


After the ride we recommend having lunch or dinner in our beautiful Ranch dining room.
Prix-Fixe 4-course Lunch OR Dinner - add $80 per person
Light Lunch: Cheese, avocado, or chicken sandwich on sourdough bread, with side salad from our organic garden - add $40 per person
Sweet Break: Chocolate or banana cake served with ice cream, Peruvian fruits, and coffee or tea - add $10 per person


Not included

Tips for the guide

What to bring

Sunblock and Sunglasses
Long-sleeved shirt, preferably in light color (for sun protection)
Wide-brimmed hat or sun shield ball cap
Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
Rain jacket and a mid-layer fleece
Pants suitable for exercise

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Comunidad de Pichingoto,

Urubamba, Cusco, Peru.

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