Our Community & Our Mission

Salineras Ranch is owned and operated by friends who have become a family. We are a loving and collaborative team committed to a lifestyle marked by caring for our community and sustaining our environment. During your stay, we trust you will feel the love we have for both our ranch and our neighbors.  

We have worked hard to create projects that give back to our community, Pichingoto. With the help of our lovely volunteers, we are offering English classes twice per week to the children of Pichingoto; as well as screening educational movies every Saturday afternoon.

This is something we are incredibly passionate about and feel fortunate to offer. As a non-profit organization, 50 per cent of all proceeds generated from the ranch are being put towards educational materials, clothing, and food for those who need them most.


The other half is being invested into a reforestation program in the Amazon, planting 1000 new bamboo trees each year. Increasing access to proper education, whilst preserving ‘the world’s lungs’ are vital to creating a sustainable future for our children. If you have any questions or wish to become a part of our project, please contact us!