The workshop begins with a warm Peruvian welcome on our ranch in the Sacred Valley where we show you around our picturesque organic gardens, the ranch grounds, and you can meet our beautiful horses if you’d like. Then Abraham, our local expert in chocolate, will share his first hand knowledge about growing cacao in Peru. From there, you’ll take part in a step-by-step process to turn that local bean into a delicious cake!


Why take the chocolate workshop here? Peru and cacao share an ancient and intimate relationship. Although debate about the origin of the cacao tree is ongoing, the strongest thesis holds that the shrub originated in the tropical Andes foothills. The Cusco region, where we are located, is the home to the rare and delicious Chuncho cacao, and a region rich in both history and flavor. These cacao trees can grow to be 200 years old, but since they yield smaller quantities, they are harder to come by, which makes savouring them during the workshop all the more unique! You can look forward to a variety of fruity flavor notes, with a deep chocolate finish. Yum!


All of this makes our beautiful ranch in the Sacred Valley, Peru, the best place to taste artisanal cacao, appreciate the history of the cacao bean, and learn about the entire chocolate-making process.  

Available Upgrades/Packages:

  • This workshop can be combined with gourmet meals on our ranch and/or any of our horseback rides or activities for a half-day or full-day experience.

  • As we are located directly at the foot of the hill under the Salineras de Maras site, you can combine this workshop with a Salt Workshop which we offer at the famous Salineras site. This is only a 30-45 minute moderate and stunning hike. You get to see Salineras from a perspective that most don’t get to see and get off-the-beaten-path and enter the private areas of the Salineras to do the salt collection yourself along with the locals.

  • Each ride and workshop can be conducted as private (only for your group) for an additional fee.


$45 USD per person

(minimum of 2 people; discounts for groups of 4 or more)

Duration: 2 - 3 hours.