In Harmony with Nature


Nestled in the mountains and surrounded by a picturesque landscape that will take your breath away, our organic garden is a true hidden gem. The tranquil and secluded terraces, brimming with beet greens, butter lettuce, and the sweetest spring onions in the Sacred Valley, provide the perfect setting for reflection, relaxation and reconnection with nature.

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Traditional Farming of the Andes

Revered as one of the major cradles of agriculture, the Andean region is characterized by a multitude of indigenous crop species, which have endured and diversified for more than 5000 years. Andean agriculture is one of the prime examples of the adaptation and knowledge of Inca farmers to their environment for generations. Andean agricultural practices are characterized by the reworking of the unique terrain and climate elements of the area via terraces, ridges fields, local irrigation systems, traditional agricultural tools, and crops and livestock dispersed at different altitudes.

Take in the

pure lifeforce

Our Vegetables and herbs are freshly picked only a few hours before consuming. This makes a big difference in their content of vitamins and nutrients.

Nurture and be Nurtured

At Salineras Ranch we recognize that our treatment of the earth, of the soil beneath our feet, is directly connected to our system of food production. We strive to sow seeds with reverence and in alignment with the values of the people of the Peruvian Andes to foster harmonious relationships with the land that nurtures our harmony.


When it comes to the cultivation of the vegetables and herbs growing in our garden, our process involves a unification of traditional Incan practices and modern permaculture techniques that have been adapted from passionate and dedicated volunteers and gardeners over the years.