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Learn through experience:

We offer two-month guest ranch internships during our summer season. Salineras Ranch is a great place to learn a wide variety of country living skills and gain solid ranch experience as well as backcountry hospitality.



During the two months, participants learn:

Horse skills:
Horses are a central part of daily life at Salineras Ranch.  Learn to catch, groom and saddle a horse, with specific instruction for a variety of different types of Peruvian saddles. Interns are taught safe practices for handling and riding a horse as well as things to look out for when guiding others. Interns assist in catching and saddling horses for the guests, guiding trail rides, performing round-ups of the herd, and packing groups into the ranch from the end of the road. Horse work at Salineras Ranch presents a host of unique riding opportunities and challenges; we will stress the importance of risk management, good judgment and leadership skills throughout.

Interns learn the fundamentals of growing food by spending time working in the garden.

Interns join our chef once a week in the lodge kitchen to learn about cooking delicious, healthy, farm-to-table meals.

The other stuff:
Milking the cow & dairy processing, butchering, bread baking, forging, tree harvesting & lumber milling, ranch chores, community living.

Take in the

pure lifeforce

Our Vegetables and herbs are freshly picked only a few hours before consuming. This makes a big difference in their content of vitamins and nutrients.

What to expect:

We do not operate on a fixed schedule; workdays fluctuate with the comings and goings of guest groups and the various happenings around the ranch. We do work long days, but follow the tradition of the siesta, often breaking for several hours during the hottest part of the day.  Ranch activities sometimes dictate that we begin our work in the very early morning, or work beyond nightfall. Flexibility, motivation, and stamina are a must. We make sure the work is balanced by time off to rest, ride, and explore. There are no phones and limited Internet at the estancia. We have a satellite email service that is available during certain hours and for a limited amount of time. We encourage you to plan on primarily being away from communication during your stay here.

Work schedules are ever-changing, but a typical week might include:

•    2-3 days of horse work and riding
•    1 day gardening
•    1 day kitchen help
•    1 day household and ranch chores
•    1 day off

Available dates:
November  - March , 2019
•    Cost: $3,300 includes:
•    Shared room
•    Food, including meat, dairy, and vegetables from the land
•    Multi-day mountain pack trip

To apply:
Please fill out and submit the form below. If you have questions, please email salinerasintership@gmail.com

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