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Riding the extraordinary trails of the Sacred Valley is a thrilling experience. The magnificence of the Andean Mountain range consumes you as you journey through the historic region. Our variety of tours accommodate every type of cyclist from beginner to advanced and nature enthusiast to the sightseeing explorer. They are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for adventure and desire to get to know the local area as we introduce you to the local villages too!

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Pichingoto -
Urubamba Market
Moray - Salineras -
Moray - Salineras -
Maras Extended
Chinchero Community



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Trekking enthusiasts seek out the Sacred Valley for the captivating trails it has to offer. Immerse yourself in our rich history as you journey along the paths of the Incas, taking in the beauty of the landscape and the vibrance of the vegetation. We combine great trekking with an introduction to the local community so not only do you enjoy the magnificent views, you meet the beautiful Peruvian people too! 

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*Our intermediate treks are suitable for people with an active lifestyle and our advanced treks are suitable for those who exercise at least three times a week.

Hike to Salineras
Salineras - Maras - Moray
Salineras - Maras - Moray
Hike Lares
Overnight Adventure

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