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8 reasons why The Salineras Ranch has a positive environmental impact.

At Salineras Ranch we have made a commitment to being sustainable in every way possible. The beautiful natural environment we live in is what makes our Ranch special, so it is very important to us that we maintain it for generations to come. Read below about some of the ways we pursue this vision.

Our sustainable world

We wish to offer you the best stay as possible as well as protecting our surroundings. To do so we focus on 8 areas.

1. Temperature

Using cutting-edge ecological engineering, we are able to maintain a comfortable living temperature all year round, without the use of air-conditioning. The winds of the Sacred Valley mean that the air in our well ventilated facilities is never stagnant and temperature can be maintained by simply opening or closing windows. Our bathrooms too require no extractor fans thanks to the natural convection of the wind.

2. Powering the ranch

Salineras Ranch is extremely proud to say we are looking to produce our own biofuel, using natural waste from our horses and kitchen, to soon become Net-Zero. We are also currently harnessing the renewable energy generated from Machu Picchu. Hydroelectric turbines in the Urubamba river converts its cascading water into energy for this ranch and other areas surrounding Cusco to use, helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

3. Wood

We have hundreds of trees in our 62-acre property, 95% of which are native. This wood is what we burn on our fires and use for construction. The facilities at our ranch are made almost entirely of natural materials sourced right here in the sacred valley. Most buildings are constructed from local wood, or from locally made adobe bricks and stone. This means that even the construction of our ranch is in accordance with our sustainable ethos.

4. Bathrooms

Reinforcing our commitment to sustainability, our bathrooms have strategically designed windows, which extract odors without the need for an extractor fan. We also kindly ask our guests to not flush their toilet paper, as this is composted with other natural matter to create our own, clean biofuel.

5. Beverages

Your morning cup of coffee is wild and brimming with organic flavors from a valley parallel to Machu Picchu! The beans we use are grown in Peru without the use of GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

6. Food

Food is our passion. Whilst we endeavor to grow as much of our own produce as we can, it is not currently possible to be self-sufficient. Nevertheless, we make no compromise on quality. By selecting premium meat and vegetables from the highlands, the finest potatoes from remote communities and using experienced artisans to provide the best olive oil and bread, we aim to create a perfect sensory experience. First-class texture and flavor is entirely predicated on the produce, which is why we solely partner with fair-trade farmers.

7. Horses, flowers and herbs

The lifeline of our ranch, our horses are far more than beautiful creatures. Mowing the grass, fertilizing the soil and producing 60-70 per cent of our composted biofuel, they lay the foundations for delicate flora to blossom.

Upon arrival, we will ask your favorite flowers and herbs. This is to create a personalized sensory experience for each guest, throughout your cabin. Whilst enjoying breakfast, freshly picked ambrosia will be refreshed daily in your room.

8. Water

All the water used on the ranch is being recycled. We get our water from across the valley in Pumahuanca, from a stream of pure glacial melt water. We have an advanced water recycling system so that waste water from our cabins and kitchen is then used in our garden for irrigation.

Join the Sacred Valley adventures !

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