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How to cook traditional Peruvian food ?

Pachamanca, meaning “Earth Oven” is a traditional feast in the Cusco region and homage to the goddess Pachamama, “Mother Earth”.

What is the Pachamanca experience at Salineras Ranch ?

A private vehicle will pick you up from your accommodation in Cusco or elsewhere in the sacred valley and bring you to our beautiful ranch. Here we will make you feel welcome and show you round the picturesque grounds and gardens, and you can meet the horses. Next our “Pachamancero”, Senor Guillermo, will demonstrate the methods involved in preparing a Pachamanca. Pachamanca feast preparation begins with the heating of stones over a bonfire. When the stones are ready, potatoes are placed between two layers of heated stones, meat above it and vegetables are in the top layer.

Pachamanca usually includes lamb, mutton, pork, chicken or guinea pig, marinated in spices, along with Andean produce, such as potato, green lima beans or "habas", sweet potato, occasionally cassava or yuca, and as well as ears of corn, tamale and chili. To top it all off, for dessert, we have choclo humitas “sweet corn tamales”. The fire is covered with grass and earth, and the resulting oven is opened up after one or two hours. Before the food is served, your hosts, dressed in traditional ethnic wear, will make a traditional ritual offering to Mother Earth. Then we get to enjoy a meal unlike any other. Our bilingual hosts are locals, knowledgeable about the area and its traditions. Come learn about one of the most unique and delicious ways to celebrate the bounty and diversity of the Andes.

Join our chocolate workshop

How much does it cost to join a chocolate workshop ?

This workshop costs $155 USD per person (minimum of 4 people; discounts for large groups) .

*In our Pachamanca workshop/lunch we can accommodate nearly any dietary restriction or request. We are happy to fully customize your experience, just let us know your preferences.

Available Upgrades/Packages:

This workshop can be combined with our meals on our ranch and/or any of our horseback rides, bikes, hikes, or activities along with a stay on our ranch for a multi-day experience.​

Each ride and workshop can be conducted as private (only for your group) for an additional fee.

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