Salineras de Maras

Hands-On Salt Collection Experience

With us, you get more than instagram-worthy photos of the ancient Salineras de Maras (and of course you’ll have plenty of those) -  you’ll get off-the-beaten-path and enter the private areas of the Salineras to do the salt collection yourself along with the locals. After the tour we serve refreshments on the grounds of our beautiful ranch.

This tour goes way above and beyond the standard packages: it begins on our beautiful ranch where you’ll receive a warm welcome and get to meet the team - the guides and the donkey or the horse who will be carrying the needed gear. As we are located directly at the foot of the hill under the Salineras de Maras site, this is only a 30-45 minute moderate and stunning hike. The views are worth it, and you get to see Salineras from a perspective that most don’t get to experience.

Once there, you’ll learn directly from the families who have been doing it for generations - about these fascinating salt pools and the process of producing salt. And then, you’ll have a unique opportunity to roll up your sleeves, and harvest the salt alongside the pool owner. Of course, you also get to take with you some of the delicious salt you harvested yourself. This is the secret salt which makes the Peruvian dishes so delectable, and since the profits are going back to local salt pool owners, not only will it taste great, it will make you feel great too.

After the activity, we’ll walk back down to the Ranch, where our horses roam, and all sorts of native organic vegetables are grown. Here you can relax surrounded by majestic mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and enjoy a sandwich (cheese, avocado, or chicken), a side salad from our gardens, and sodas or fresh fruit juice.

Package includes:

  • Ticket for Salineras de Maras

  • English speaking guide and a local owner of the salt pool

  • Donkey or a horse carrying the gear

  • Rubber boots and all the tools you’ll need for this activity

  • Sandwich, salad, and juice

Optional Upgrades/Changes:


  • Premium food and beverage package includes a gourmet lunch at the ranch.

  • Should you prefer not hiking, we can meet you at the Salineras de Maras site.

  • Each ride and workshop can be conducted as private (only for your group) for an additional fee.

Price: $65 USD per person (discounts for groups of 4 or more)

Duration: 4 hours