About Salineras Ranch


We started the Salineras Ranch over 10 years ago and have proudly grown to think of ourselves as a family of friends dedicated to a lifestyle marked by: 


      Caring for each other and our community

      Caring for the environment

      Love for our horses

      Love of great food

Our family

The core team is comprised of Peruvians:  Pablo and Liliana come from the big city of Lima, Carlos and Juan Carlos live in the nearby town, Abraham y Sayda come from the Amazon jungle, and Claudio comes from the village where the ranch is located. Our other guides and hosts are from all over the world. 


We believe that our cultural diversity provides endless opportunities to practice what we preach and nurture our collective intention to learn and grow. In alignment with our values, we partner with and support the local community. 


Our location

Salineras Ranch is located only about one kilometer from the famous Salineras de Maras, in the small village of Pichingoto alongside Urubamba River, and only about 4 kms - 15 minute drive from Urubamba, the largest town in the Sacred Valley. The Ranch is only about 75 minute drive from Cusco, and 30 minutes from Ollantaytambo train station and 45 from Chinchero. We offer transportation service for our clients and guests. 


While well connected to all the main sites in the Sacred Valley, we are in a quiet small ancient village that only about 60 families call home. We are away from any traffic and light pollution, so you can see the milky way almost every night, and enjoy the quiet. The views from the ranch are of unspoiled nature, mountains, waterfalls, our organic gardens, and the river. 

Another benefit of our location is our altitude - the ranch is the perfect place to acclimate to altitude and prepare for hiking the Inca Trail (highest point 13,828 ft or 4,215 masl), the Rainbow Mountain (5,200 masl) and visiting Cusco (3,400 masl). 

Ranch altitude is about 9,500 ft or 2,900 masl - which is about 500 masl lower than Cusco 3,400 masl (11, 152 ft) and about 500 masl higher than Machu Picchu (2,430 masl - 8,000 ft). 

Things to see and do near the Ranch 

We offer guided horseback rides, mountain biking and trekking to these attractions:

  • Salineras de Maras - a unique “living history” site and one of the most visited attractions in the Sacred Valley is only about one kilometer away from the Ranch. The site features thousands of small pools carved into the mountainside, that have been producing salt since the pre-Inca times to this day. Heaven for photography fans and Instagrammers, which have helped make it famous. Several of our staff are owners of the salt pans. 

  • Pichingoto, the small village where the ranch is located, dates to pre-Inca times, and is home to a community so ancient that their origins are obscured in legend and myth. The village is surrounded by vast expanses of fertile farmland and a marvelous view of the local Quechuan architecture built into the mountain cliffs. The people of Pichingoto are indigenous people and Quechua is their mother tongue. As in the past, its occupants are mainly engaged in agriculture and the extraction of salt from the salt mines of Maras. To this day they work in the salt ponds and cultivate their fields with the help of plow, pulled by the bulls. Several of our staff come from and and many live in the village. 

  • Maras - Marvel as you make your way through the quaint and colonial town of Maras, where the views of the Vilcanota Mountains are serene and unspoiled. This ancient Andean community is characterized by its beautiful door portals, and vistas of picturesque fields of multi-colored crops, as well as the famous church of San Francisco de Maras.   

  • Moray - The Inca agricultural research and development center of Moray is renowned for its concave coliseum - the beautiful terraces that appear to dissolve into the land like an artfully crafted crater. Filled with fertile earth and watered by complex irrigation systems, what was originally designed and used to conduct experiments with crops at various altitudes, and now a significant attraction in the Sacred Valley.

  • Urubamba - the largest town in the Sacred Valley boasts a colorful large produce market, great ceramics studios, Inca ruins, and is a central spot from which you can visit all of the Sacred Valleys attractions while gaining insight into the peruvian country life.  

  • Chinchero - famous for the textile weaving demonstrations, and beautiful Inca ruins Chinchero is the highest town in the Sacred Valley (12,343 ft or 3,762 masl) and is located only 45 minutes from the ranch.