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About Us

All of our profits are destined to our community and reforestation

Salineras Ranch is owned and operated by friends who have become a family. We are a loving and collaborative team committed to a lifestyle marked by caring for our community, the village of Pichingoto, and sustaining our environment. During your stay, we trust you will feel the love we have for both our ranch and our neighbors.  

We offer English classes twice per week to the children of the village as well as screening educational movies every Saturday afternoon. This is something we are incredibly passionate about and feel fortunate to offer. As a non-profit organization, 50% of all proceeds generated from the ranch are being put towards educational materials, clothing, and food for those who need them most.


The other 50% is being invested into a reforestation program near the ranch. Increasing access to proper education, whilst preserving ‘the world’s lungs’ are vital to creating a sustainable future for our children. If you have any questions or wish to become a part of our project, please contact us!

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Our horses, a circle of life

Our horses are far more than beautiful creatures, they contribute at the lifeline of our ranch. Completely free, the horses mow the grass on the ranch and in our nearby lands all day long. They fertilize the soil and, as a result, they produce 60-70 per cent of our composted biofuel. A real treasure for the flowers that blossom in harmony with the wild bees in our garden, which in synergy produce a delicate fragrance for your cabin.


Our fully nourished soil also helps us produce delicious organic, flavor-rich vegetables. Indeed, it’s a circle of life that respects Mother Nature.

Our nature, a strength

We have hundreds of trees in our 62-acre property, 95% of which are native. The wood in our land is used for construction and to heat our woodstoves. The facilities at our ranch are made almost entirely of natural materials sourced right here in the Sacred Valley. Using cutting-edge ecological engineering, we are able to maintain a comfortable living temperature all year round, without the use of air conditioning. The winds of the Sacred Valley are our secret!


All the water used on the ranch is recycled. We are privileged to get our water from across the valley in Pumahuanca, from a stream of pure glacial-melt water. We have an advanced water-recycling system, so that wastewater from our cabins and kitchen is then used in our garden for irrigation.


Water is energy. The hydroelectric turbines in the Urubamba River make its cascading water into energy for our ranch, helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Salineras Ranch is extremely proud to say that we are looking to produce our own biofuel, using natural waste from our horses and kitchen, to soon become Net-Zero.

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Starlink internet connection

You can come and visit us while enjoying our ultra fast internet connection from Starlink. Indeed, we are committed to helping the Pinchingoto comunity and its kids by sharing with them fast Wifi. Thanks to our new installation, kids are able to learn new skills online and do their school work from home.

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Comunidad de Pichingoto,

Urubamba, Cusco, Peru.

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