Our Cuisine

From Garden to Table

The soils of the surrounding Andes and nearby rainforest are rich and fertile, perfect for growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs without pesticides or GMO´s. In our seasonal garden we are creating a rich permaculture following the practices of traditional Inca, having the dual benefit of keeping our kitchen both traditional and sustainable. 


Dining with us is a holistic experience that begins with the first steps into the ranch, finding yourself surrounded by ancient, abundant life. 

To enrich your culinary experience, why not take a cooking workshop with our chefs? You will not only have the opportunity to learn traditional cooking methods but also enjoy some of the best dishes Peru has to offer.

Inspired by ancient Peruvian recipes and cuisines from around the world, our food celebrates natural flavors and is infused with love. Head Chef Juan-Carlos uses only the finest ingredients to prepare a unique culinary experience.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will happily cater to your needs.

Enjoy Our Cuisine

Traditional Peruvian cuisine reimagined in the 21st century; inspired by our favorite dishes from across the globe.