Real food of the Andes

Imagine enjoying a farm-to-table experience, tasting each component of traditional dishes while taking in views of the Andes mountains, grazing horses, and hummingbirds. This is what we are fortunate to showcase here at the Ranch for our guest. Dining with us is a sensory experience, stimulating memories that will last for a lifetime.

An authentic immersion

On our ranch we believe the best tasting food is only possible with organic, local ingredients. That’s why we grow most of our food in our on-the-ranch gardens, and buy only from local organic farmers. We also believe in pairing traditional Peruvian cuisine with modern cooking techniques.


We offer menu options for every taste and lifestyle, and can accommodate nearly any dietary restriction or request. Because our organic vegetables are grown on-site, availability of certain items may vary due to season. We are happy to fully customize your experience, just let us know your preferences.


From garden to table 

The Andean region has been characterized for the past 5,000 years by its variety of indigenous and diversifying crop species. The soils of the surrounding Andes and nearby rainforest are rich and fertile, perfect for growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs without pesticides or GMO´s. In our seasonal garden we are creating a rich permaculture following the practices, the vast and adaptable knowledge of the Inca farmers, having the dual benefit of keeping our kitchen both traditional and sustainable.


Our seasonal, organic garden´s terraces are brimming with green beets, butter lettuce, and the sweetest spring onions in the Sacred Valley. We strive to grow as much of our own food as possible, and more than just a sustainable practice this allows us to have the freshest ingredients possible, before consuming. This makes a big difference in their content of vitamins and nutrients