From our garden to the table

Imagine having lunch in the middle of a pure and pristine location surrounded by native flowers and trees while hummingbirds fly by the window and you discover the beauty of our natural sanctuary in the middle of majestic mountains.


Our intention is to honor, celebrate, and offer traditional Peruvian cuisine and our culinary experts strive to source raw materials locally wherever possible, sourcing many of the vegetables and herbs directly from our own backyard.


The wide variety of legumes, meat, seafood and exotic fruits we serve daily are sourced locally from the neighboring coast and jungle, where pristine environments provide optimal conditions for cultivating purely delicious provisions, free of pollutants.  

Flavors of the Ranch

Here at Salineras Ranch, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home and our mission is to welcome you into ours to spoil you with the most nourishing food and exceptional service.

Join us for a meal in the mountains or sign up for a private cooking workshop to experience the magic of the Sacred Valley and savor the incredible and unique flavor of traditional Peruvian cuisine!


Enjoy our


Traditional peruvian cuisine and inspiring dishes from all over the world form the base of our own creations.

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Adult $30.00 USD

Children $20.00 USD


Adult $50.00 USD

Children $30.00 USD



Adult $50.00 USD

Children $30.00 USD

         Inspired Cuisine

Inspired by our grandmother’s recipes and cuisine from around the world, our food is bursting with flavor and infused with love. Our head chef, Juan-Carlos, uses only the freshest local produce, combined with the finest ingredients from the various regions in Peru to prepare a uniquely delicious culinary adventure every day

Please let us know if you have any special requests, as your enjoyment is our priority, and we would be glad to customize recipes to ensure that your dining experience with us is unforgettable.