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More Than Horseback Tours: Discover the Sustainable Gem of Salineras Ranch

Seeking an eco-conscious escape filled with adventure? Look no further than Salineras Ranch! Beyond horseback tours, we offer unique experiences that connect you with local culture, respect the environment, and leave a positive impact. 

From farm to table, with love!

At Salineras Ranch, we prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our operations. This breathtaking natural environment is at the heart of our ranch's magic, and we are committed to preserving it for generations to come. Discover some of the ways we strive to achieve this vision.

Our Commitment to a Sustainable World:

We offer an exceptional guest experience while safeguarding our surroundings. Here are eight key areas where we focus our efforts:

1. Temperature Regulation:

Embracing natural energy through strategically placed skylights and south-facing windows, our cabins maximize solar heat gain. This thoughtful design not only reduces reliance on artificial sources but also showcases sustainable living in harmony with the environment maintaining comfortable year-round temperatures without relying on air conditioning. The Sacred Valley's winds naturally ventilate our facilities, eliminating stagnant air and allowing temperature control through simple window adjustments. Even our bathrooms harness the power of nature, utilizing natural wind convection to eliminate the need for extractor fans.  

2. Powering the Ranch:

Salineras Ranch proudly aspires to become Net-Zero energy consumption by producing our own biofuel from natural horse and kitchen waste. Additionally, we harness the renewable energy generated by the Machu Picchu power station. Hydroelectric turbines in the Urubamba River convert its cascading water into clean energy for our ranch and surrounding Cusco areas, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

3. Sustainable Construction:

Our 62-acre property boasts hundreds of trees, 95% of which are native species. We responsibly utilize this wood for fires and construction purposes. The ranch's facilities are constructed almost entirely from natural materials sourced locally within the Sacred Valley. Most buildings are built with local wood or locally made adobe bricks and stone, ensuring our construction methods align with our sustainable ethos.

4. Eco-Friendly Bathrooms:

Reinforcing our commitment to sustainability, our bathrooms feature strategically designed windows that naturally extract odors, eliminating the need for extractor fans. We kindly request guests to compost their toilet paper, which is transformed into clean biofuel alongside other organic matter.

5. Organic Beverages:

Start your day with a wild and flavorful cup of coffee grown organically in a valley parallel to Machu Picchu! Our beans are cultivated in Peru without using GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, ensuring a pure and sustainable experience.

6. Farm-to-Table Cuisine:

Food is our passion at Salineras Ranch. While we strive to grow as much of our own produce as possible, complete self-sufficiency is not currently attainable. However, we make no compromises on quality. We source premium meat and vegetables from the highlands, the finest potatoes from remote communities, and the best olive oil and bread from experienced artisans to create a perfect sensory experience. Our commitment to first-class texture and flavor relies solely on partnering with fair-trade farmers who share our values.

7. Horses, Flowers, and Herbs:

Our horses are more than just beautiful creatures; they are the lifeblood of our ranch. They mow our grass, fertilize the soil, and produce 60-70% of our composted biofuel, creating a foundation for vibrant flora to flourish. Upon arrival, we inquire about your favorite flowers and herbs to personalize your sensory experience throughout your cabin stay. Enjoy freshly picked ambrosia replenished daily in your room while you savor your breakfast.

8. Water Conservation:

Salineras Ranch practices comprehensive water recycling. Our pure glacial meltwater comes from a stream in Pumahuanca across the valley. We utilize an advanced water recycling system to repurpose wastewater from our cabins and kitchen for irrigation in our gardens.

Come Experience Sustainable Hospitality at Salineras Ranch

We invite you to discover the beauty and tranquility of Salineras Ranch while immersing yourself in our commitment to environmental responsibility. Come experience the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and sustainability in the heart of the Sacred Valley.


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