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Camping Under the Milky Way: An Unforgettable Experience Nested Beside the Ancient Salinas de Maras

Step beyond the ordinary and into a campsite unlike any other. Salineras Ranch offers a canvas of starry skies, ancient salt pools, and Andean serenity. Hike, explore, unwind beneath the Milky Way – discover your unforgettable camping haven.

Explore the Maras Salt Mines, relax under the stars, and create lasting memories.

Salineras Ranch, situated at the foothill of the Maras salt flats is a haven for camping enthusiasts seeking an authentic and affordable experience. Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the comforts of our well-equipped campsite.

Our campsite offers a safe and inviting space for tent enthusiasts. If you prefer to travel light, we've got you covered with tent rentals for an immersive stargazing experience beneath the Milky Way. Just bring your sleeping duvet for a night of tranquility.

At Salineras Ranch, camping includes access to a warm shower and a private bathroom, ensuring a refreshing start to your day. Picture yourself by a campfire, savoring burgers, and marveling at the night sky. Our campfire gatherings offer a unique opportunity to observe the stars, complete with the option to use a telescope for a closer look.

For $30 per night, campers can enjoy the beauty of the valley and Vilcanota River routes, just a ten-minute drive from the Salineras salt mines. The campsite provides a cozy retreat with sublime views, allowing you to relish the night-time spectacle of the Milky Way.

One of the greatest advantages is our campsite's strategic location—fifteen minutes on foot from the salt mines. This proximity grants exclusive access to the location during the early hours, avoiding the rush of tour groups that typically arrive after 10 am. Rise at your own pace and witness the morning light casting mesmerizing reflections on the salt mines.

Campers at Salineras Ranch have the freedom to explore the mines independently. For those seeking a deeper understanding, we offer exclusive hiking tours to unravel the intricate details of these unique saltbeds and its surroundings.

For those who believe the best views are from the saddle, our campsite serves as the perfect starting point for horseback riding tours. ➡️ Explore the cliffs and journey to the salt mines on horseback, adding an extra layer of adventure to your stay at Salineras Ranch.


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