Enjoy in the Sacred Valley full activities every day

Salineras Ranch is located in a private, sprawling refuge at the entrance of the ancient Inca’s salt trading center AKA Salt mines of Maras. A unique space of 62-acre open land, welcomes you, your family, and your friends to have a real life experience of the Sacred Valley.

We are privileged to show you the secret of this land with private access to paths into the Andes Mountains by horse riding, biking or hiking, offering spectacular panoramic views. 

Also we offer activities that suit all tastes, from mountain adventures, cultural experiences, ancient workshops and more. We also offer pleasant accommodation and homemade food. With only three cabins, we are able to follow all health and safety protocols above and beyond what is required. 
We welcome you to share our authentic lifestyle and immerse yourself in the splendor of this unique place.

Discover Inca Heritage

It’s by contemplating the shimmering of the Milky Way in the Rio Urubamba that the Incas felt that they were treading a sacred ground. Major corridor towards the foggy forests, pleasant climate all the year and fertile grounds, made of this plateau situated to 3000m of altitude, the heart of one of the most ancient civilizations of the World. Protected by this majestic region of the Andes, the still untouched valley is from our Ranch a place to relax and discover landscapes of unusual beauty, while admiring the Inca heritage.

Inca Heritage, Saineras Ranch

Let's Sacred Valley together !

Soak up the authentic Andean lifestyle and let our teams take you on an in-depth exploration of the mysteries of these land of ochre colors and surprising landscapes through unforgettable journey.

The famous Peruvian cuisine 

Inspired by ancient Peruvian recipes and cuisines from around the world, our food celebrates natural flavors and is infused with love.
Head Chef Juan-Carlos uses only the finest ingredients to prepare a unique culinary experience.
Horses, Salineras Ranch