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Our workshops at Salineras Ranch


Chicha de Jora Workshop

45 minutes

$12 USD per person - (min2 people; discounts for 4+)

In our very own Chicheria, learn about and take part in the making of this ancient and invigorating drink: Chicha de Jora, AKA corn beer.


Authentic cooking class

3 hours

$210 per person- minimum 4 people

Peru’s biodiversity and multicultural heritage make the laying stones for the country’s gastronomic boom. Learn how to make a traditional Peruvian dish with our chef.


Photography Workshop

Depends on client's request

On demand - contact us

Improve your photography skills regardless of the type of equipment you have with the guidance of an expert in the magic of the Sacred Valley.

pago a la tierra-3331.jpg

Homage to Mother Earth Workshop

45 minutes

$64 USD per person - (min2 people; discounts for 4+)

Pago a la Tierra (Homage to Mother Earth) a fervorous tradition of the Andes, filled with positive energy and enticed by the magic of the Sacred Valley mountains.


Coffee Workshop

1 hour

$32 per person - (min 2 people)

This workshop will change the way you view your brew and what you know about Peruvian coffee. You’ll learn about growing, harvesting and, most importantly, preparing great coffee​!


Campfire and Starry Night

Depends on client's request

On demand - contact us

Spend the night of your dream under the Milky Way. We will prepare grilled dinner as you delight yourself observing the sky with a telescope.


Uchucuta Workshop

1.5 hours

$45 USD per person - (min 2 people; discounts for 4+)

A blend of flavours and ancient traditions: Uchucuta sauce. You’ll witness first hand how indigenous people have made this spicy sauce, and taste an authentic Andean meal.


Adobe Workshop

45 minutes

$22 USD per person - (min 2 people; discounts for 4+)

This is a fun activity for families and builders of all ages. With us, you'll make mud-bricks (Adobe blocks) yourself along with the locals.

Pachamanca workshop.jpeg

Pachamanca Experience

3 hours

$155 USD per person - (min 4 people; discounts for 4+ )

Witness and taste a traditional Peruvian feast where a selection of flavorous meats, vegetables and fruit are cooked with hot stones buried in the ground.

Chocolate workshop.jpg

Cacao Workshop

2 hours

$64 USD per person - (min 2 people; discounts for 4+)

In this workshop, along with one of our experts, you’ll learn how to roast and grind cacao beans to make a pure artisanal chocolate bar.

Participate, Learn, and Enjoy!

Visit the salt mines of Maras, create your own chocolate bar, or reconnect with nature through ancient ceremonies. Our workshops center around active participation, as we want you to feel like a part of our community! We also partner and work directly with local guides and maestros to give you the most authentic experience possible.

No level of expertise is needed. We will provide you with everything necessary to have an immersive and enjoyable retreat.

Choose your favorite workshop, and let our staff take care of everything else!

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