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Salineras Extended Hike

Departure from Salineras Ranch

Price for the hike


Duration for the hike

3 - 3.5 hrs.

Level of the hike

Beginner, Intermediate

Starting time for the hike

Morning or early afternoon

Price with mountain bike

N/A - Only hike

Duration with mountain bike

N/A - Only hike

Level with mountain bike

N/A - Only hike

Starting Time with mountain bike

N/A - Only hike


We go up the hill behind our ranch to get to the impressive Salineras de Maras (Salt mines of Maras) in a 30-45 minute walk. These mines are ancient and quite unlike any usual mine, for they are terraces of pools of highly saline water perched above the canyon.

Once up there, we will take a walk around the salt ponds and learn about the harvesting process, and you will have an opportunity to buy some of the famous salt. Its unprocessed taste is quite unlike anything you can buy, and the premium top layer of sun bleached pink salt is one of the secrets that make Peruvian cuisine so delectable.

From Salineras, we continue the ascent to finally reach the splendour of the Maras platform, where we’ll have an astonishing view of the mountains and gorges surrounding our region. We will hike through high-altitude cornfields enclosed by multicoloured mountains.

At this point we commence the descent back to the Ranch where you will also have a privileged view of the Vilcanota River. We arrive at a very special stone connected with spirituality - you’re welcome to approach it and feel the connection with your own beliefs. Along the trail, you will get to see our vast private pasture, which is just a piece of the breathtaking scenery. Back at the ranch, we'll have a local fruit juice waiting for you.


Salineras Ranch (starting point): 2,720 m.a.s.l. / 8,924 feet
Salineras salt mines: 2,970 m.a.s.l. / 9,745 feet
Maras Platform: 3,127 m.a.s.l. / 10,260 feet


6,64 km - 4.13 miles

Group size

Minimum 2- Maximum 10


For a better experience, we recommend adding lunch or dinner.
- Daily Menu: lunch OR dinner – add $25 per person (special promotion)
- 4-Course Meal: lunch OR dinner – add $60 per person (special promotion )

Sweet Break: Chocolate or banana cake served with ice cream, Peruvian fruit, and coffee or tea – add $13 per person (special promotion).
Sandwich: Cheese, avocado, or chicken sandwich on sourdough bread, with side salad from our organic garden – add $15 per person (special promotion).

This hike can also be combined with any of the horseback rides and workshops we offer at the Ranch for a full-day experience: Chocolate Workshop, Coffee Workshop, Chicha Workshop and/or Adobe Workshop


Ticket for Salineras de Maras
English speaking guide

Not included

Gratuities for the guide

What to bring

Sunblock and Sunglasses
Long-sleeved shirt, preferably in light color (for sun protection)
Wide-brimmed hat or sun shield ball cap
Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
Rain jacket and a mid-layer fleece
Pants suitable for exercise

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Urubamba, Cusco, Peru.

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