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The double cabin

A family retreat


Enjoy a panoramic view of the Urubamba river, high Andes, and our freely roaming horses. This spacious cabin comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 ensuite bathrooms, and sleeps up to 8 with the option to add a crib for newborns.

Each room has a king-sized bed, bunk bed, and desk, with the master room also offering a widescreen TV and sofa. This relaxed layout makes an ideal space for a large family to unwind in peace after a day of exploration.

Master Bedroom:

Adorned with a cosy sofa, lovely wooden desk and double bed fit for an Inca Princess, this room is perfect for parents; with a bunk providing extra space for larger families. The twin room is also accessible through the ensuite bathroom, which is furnished with a skylight and shower.

Twin room:

Offering an additional ensuite bathroom, this room also has a king-sized double, with a bunkbed to accommodate extended family, friends, or children.


Two private ensuite bathrooms, with hot alpine water, a shower, and access between rooms if necessary. Enjoy views of the surrounding Andes as you wake up,