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Homage to Mother Earth Workshop

Salineras Ranch - All benefits go to our shaman Luis


Homage to Mother Earth Workshop

Salineras Ranch - All benefits go to our shaman Luis


$45 USD per person - (min2 people; discounts for 4+)


45 minutes


Pachamama or Mother Earth, a deity for the indigenous people of the Andes, represents fertility, as she is considered the bringer of life and the goddess of harvests. The “Pago a la Tierra” is an ancient ceremony where Andean people express gratitude to Mother Earth, and ask to be granted requests such as good health and prosperity.

Surrounded by colourful mountains, hummingbirds, and horses, we’ll have a specially prepared spot where Senor Luis will lead the ceremony to Mother Earth (Pachamama), as well as introduce you, hands-on, to the Apus (mountain spirits) who play a key role in the indigenous people of the Andes. Fervour, colour, a mix of aromas and positivity make Pago a la Tierra an experience you can’t miss.


TFor a better experience , we recommend adding lunch or dinner.
- Daily Menu: lunch OR dinner – add $15 per person (special promotion)
- 4-Course Meal: lunch OR dinner – add $50 per person (special promotion - regular price $70)

Sweet Break: Chocolate or banana cake served with ice cream, Peruvian fruit, and coffee or tea – add $8 per person (special promotion).
Sandwich: Cheese, avocado, or chicken sandwich on sourdough bread, with side salad from our organic garden – add $15 per person (special promotion).

This workshop can also be combined with any of the activities we offer at the Ranch: horseback rides, bikes, hikes, or activities for a half-day or full-day experience.

Each ride and workshop can be conducted as private (only for your group) for an additional fee.

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