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Unburdened Adventures: Luggage Storage & Showers Steps away from the Maras Salt Mines

Hassle-free Maras Salt Mines adventure! Store luggage & enjoy showers at Salineras Ranch. Your Andean basecamp awaits!

Ditch the bags, explore light! Luggage storage & showers at Salineras Ranch, steps from Maras Salt Mines. 

Traversing the otherworldly salt ponds of Maras is an unforgettable Peruvian adventure, but lugging heavy bags can weigh you down. That's where our ranch, nestled at the foot of the salt flats, comes in. Leave your burdens behind and explore freely. We'll safely store your luggage, freeing you to wander the dazzling pools, capture breathtaking panoramas, and soak in the ancient Inca legacy. For just $5, unlock luggage liberation - explore unburdened, camera in hand. And after your salty expedition, refresh and recharge with a hot shower - just $5 USD grants you access to our sparkling clean facilities. Unburdened and invigorated, you're ready to continue your Peruvian journey, lighter than ever. So, let our ranch be your oasis at the gateway to the Salineras magic.

 ➡️ Book your luggage storage and shower in advance to secure your spot in this tranquil haven!


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